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004 – Glacialis

January 15, 2020

EMBLEM – GLACIALIS MMXX AQVA CŒLESTIS ELEMENTS CYCLE ▽ Part one of a mythopoetic cycle of works based on classical elemental symbolism through the esoteric exploration of sound as place, image, and atmosphere.  Through this work we explore the living waters, crystallized in the vast and desolate realms of eternal ice and winter – a…

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002 – Hierosis – Wayward

October 31, 2019

ARCHIVE 002 HIEROSIS – WAYWARD MMXIX Vault of Stars is proud to present the debut LP from avant-black metal act Hierosis. An odyssey in seven parts, Wayward traces the tumultuous quest of the Cartographer as he searches for meaning, beauty, and wisdom beyond the pale of mortality – finding both truth and madness in the…

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