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007 – Memory Fades

April 23, 2020

Laboratory Experiment 003 ‘MEMORY FADES’ an audio-visual performance piece for synthesizers with motion images from BC, Peru, and my apartment. I have also recently contributed the artwork to an online communities music compilation “trios,” where the first person composes a part, sends it to the second who composes a part, who then sends it to…

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005 – Fauna

February 26, 2020

ARCHIVE 005 FAUNA VIEW FULL PHOTO COLLECTION HERE (8 PHOTOS) LIVE MUSIC + TALK: Next week on Thursday, March 5th I will be performing a short musical set as well as doing a talk at the 19th Penticton Pecha Kucha Event. For those unaware, Pecha Kucha is a community held event where several speakers do…

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004 – Glacialis

January 15, 2020

EMBLEM – GLACIALIS MMXX AQVA CŒLESTIS ELEMENTS CYCLE ▽ Part one of a mythopoetic cycle of works based on classical elemental symbolism through the esoteric exploration of sound as place, image, and atmosphere.  Through this work we explore the living waters, crystallized in the vast and desolate realms of eternal ice and winter – a…

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003 – Polaroids & Lab 002

November 7, 2019

ARCHIVE 003 POLAROIDS & LAB 002 Wherein we share an audio-visual Laboratory Experiment and Polaroid photos, technique and technology. Laboratory Experiment 002 Part two of our audio/visual series.Electro-acoustic composition featuring acoustic guitar, hand-held tape recorder, modular and polyphonic synthesizers. POLAROIDS 24 hours into oblivion and darkness with a chemically unstable film. See our article on…

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001 – The Grand Opening

October 31, 2019

THE GRAND OPENING Official opening of Vault of Stars (http://vaultofstars.com) website and inaugural newsletter. Welcome one and all to the opening of the Vault of Stars! If you’re receiving this email, you have probably shown some interest in our previous works. If not, feel free to unsubscribe below. Otherwise, let the introductions begin… VAULTOFSTARS.COM Official…

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