MMXX / 1:05:02

I. The inundation fields, part i
II. The inundation fields, part ii
III. archaen circle
IV, desolation tide
V. extinction tide
VI. 1000 year winter
VII. permafrost heart
VII. Terminus

Part one of a mythopoetic cycle of works based on classical elemental symbolism through the esoteric exploration of sound as place, image, and atmosphere.

Through this work we explore the living waters, crystallized in the vast and desolate realms of eternal ice and winter – a vision of a bleak horizon beyond the pall of time.

Featuring rich clouds of instrumentation arranged and decomposed through various techniques of granular synthesis, additive layering and effectual transmutation, crystal bowls and hammered dulcimer shimmer on ebbing tides of frozen synthesizers, while brittle guitars reverberate beneath shards of refracted sound.

Headphones and solitary experience recommended.