Vault of Stars is a multimedia art repository specializing in imaginative and creative works through sounds, images, and words. We host our numerous works in our portfolio such as photography and visual works; a music label; a sound design laboratory, and a graphic design Atelier. In time we endeavor to host numerous live performances and exhibitions, releasing many visual and written works, and more.

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Laboratory Experiment 002 | An Exciting Book Illustration | Optical Illusion Painting | SOLSTICE / GLACIALIS | Multiple Live Music Performances | Written Words & Analyses | THE ARTIFEX | An Exhibition

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Vault of Stars is largely the work of a single individual colloquially known as Isaac, in occassional collaboration with a few close others. Despite our transparency in this matter, we would like to take this time to de-emphasize the focus on the individual, and rather suggest a greater focus on the works themselves.

Vault of Stars is not beholden to any creed, corporation, or fixed ideology. All works and words expressed here are in service of the creative spirit, the perennial quest for knowledge, and the imaginative unfolding of artistic unknowns.