Official opening of Vault of Stars (  website and inaugural newsletter.

Welcome one and all to the opening of the Vault of Stars! If you’re receiving this email, you have probably shown some interest in our previous works. If not, feel free to unsubscribe below.
Otherwise, let the introductions begin...

Official website now online!
In short, we have created this platform as a means of effectively sharing various forms of artworks and the processes that go on in creating them, through audio, visual, and textual works. In time, we intend on expanding our ouvre and growing the potential for larger, more ambitious artistic works.

The basis of this platform is the website ( (and this newsletter), which will effectively be an evolving gallery and nexus of creative workings - such as a music label () , a photography portfolio () and design / production studios. In extension, there will in time be live performances, gallery shows, educational workshops, and collaborations.
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In our grand opening we have many projects and new releases to share!



In early January, 1991, an expedition of archeologists fronted by the much lauded C. Wollys uncovered a peculiar artifact at a small excavation site...


An esoteric sound exploration on the theme of particles and waves, the macro and the micro.
Laboratory Experiment 001 - An audio visual series.
Featuring kalimba, hammered dulcimer, and modular synthesizers.


In each of our newsletters we will share a new thematic photography collection, such as the ones we have on the website: Horizons, Water, Mountains of Peru, Persona...

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Sound Design (

Sound design, music production, experimental composition. This section will feature a series of video performances, breakdowns of technique, process and technology, and educational materials relating to music and sound.

Explore The Laboratory (

Graphic Works (

Traditional media intersecting digital solutions – our graphic work spans from logos, illustration and web design to LP album art, print design, art direction, typography and fine art painting.

Explore The Atelier (

What to expect? We have many other projects planned, in the works, or completed, and are excited to share these things are they progress - this newsletter is just the beginning. You can expect more photo collections, sound and art videos, written words such as articles and background information on works and processes, new music and releases, drawings, paintings and graphical works, and more. We only plan to email every 2-8 weeks, but that can fluctuate! At the moment, only our two albums ( are for sale. In time will have other merch, prints, physical and digital releases and other items available to purchase - all of which goes into helping us create and share more. We are also open to commissions and freelance work. We have no interest in aggressively marketing toward you; ours is purely a work for the love of art. If you have any feedback or requests, let us know.
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